As the manufacturer and designer of REBBAL, we hope this will not only save you time and money. With our engineers and design team this product has been tested and used by electricians with great response on the time saving and the easy use of the product.

This has been designed to used on back boxes from 25mm deep upwards. You may need to supply a longer 3.5mm screw if the back box is set deeply within the plaster. These can be obtained from any electrical wholesalers.
The replacement lug are manufactured in 2mm thick steel. As this is much thicker than the original lug, there are more screw threads holding the 3.5mm thread, therefore putting less strain on the screw threads, helping to prevent damage and failure of the screw.

Always work in a safe manner – Electricity KILLS. Make sure the power is switched off/isolated before any works begins. If you are unsure contact your electrician for advice and help.

However if you do require information on our product in using and installing REBBAL, please contact us at :

At present the REBBAL white boxes containing two ‘Replacement Lugs’ plus fixings can be brought individually or Yellow boxes containing 36 white boxes.

These can be obtained through Edmundson Electrical Wholesalers and Grant & Stone Electrical Wholesalers, Your local branch should be able to supply, or give Aylesbury branches a ring.


Grant & Stone Electrical Wholesalers

Telephone - 01296 337113

Edmundson Electrical Wholesalers

Telephone – 01296 486251